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Accessible Travel at Brisbane Airport

Guide to accessible travel at Brisbane Airport

Travelling can be both exhilarating and challenging, especially for those with disabilities. More than three million Australians are living with a disability, and 70% of those are living with a hidden disability. Accessible travel at Brisbane Airport has never been better, as we strive toward building the most accessible airport in the country by providing facilities that are accessible to all members of the community, including passengers living with a disability. Whether you’re a traveller with special needs, you support a loved one with special needs or simply want to better the importance of an inclusive and accessible environment, check out our guide to accessible travel at Brisbane Airport.


Planning ahead

For travel to Brisbane Airport, all Queensland Rail stations have an assisted boarding point on the platform. This point is indicated by a blue and white symbol for accessibility and is located near the middle section of the platform.


To make it easier for passengers with assistance needs to plan their journey through the airport ahead of time, Brisbane Airport has developed an Accessibility Journey Planner.


It’s also important that you let your airline or travel agent know of any accessibility requirements, such as help moving through the terminal and getting on and off the plane, before you arrive at the airport (ideally at the time of booking). That way they have sufficient time to arrange and accommodate your requirements and ensure that your transit through the airport is smooth and comfortable.


Getting to the airport

To meet the accessible travel needs of customers, Brisbane Airport provides several designated accessible parking spaces in close proximity to terminal buildings so that travellers with disability can conveniently access the terminals. Parking spaces are clearly marked and situated near accessible pathways for the benefit of wheelchair users and those with mobility aids.


At the Domestic Terminal there are six accessible parking spaces located under the skywalk pedestrian walkway about 160 metres from the terminal entrances. There are also two accessible parking spaces located just 50 metres from the entrance on the taxi drop-off road – these spaces need to be booked in advance by contacting the Brisbane Airport reception. For those who are dropping off or picking up passengers with a disability, by displaying a valid Disability Parking Permit you can park and leave your vehicle for up to 30 minutes allowing sufficient time to assist passengers to and from the terminal.


At the International Terminal there are four accessible parking spaces located on level 4 of the departures road, directly outside the terminal entrance. As these spaces are so close to the terminal, parking is limited up to 5 minutes and the vehicle cannot be left unattended. For those with a disability who are being escorted to or from the terminal by a family member or friend, they will need to use accessible car parking in the short-term or long-term carpark.


Accessible facilities

Wheelchair-accessible toilets and showers are available throughout the airport and have been designed with spacious layouts and grab bars for added convenience and safety.


There is also a Changing Places bathroom facility in each terminal for people living with a profound disability, which include moveable handrails, adult change tables and hoists. To access these facilities, you will need to borrow an MLAK key from the Visitor Information Desk at the relevant terminal.


For accessible travel with assistance animals, passengers can find a dedicated assistance animal facility in both terminals, equipped with a special toilet and watering facility.


For travellers with visual or hearing impairments, various features have been implemented across the airport to enhance accessibility. This includes assisted listening systems and hearing loops, visual paging screens with flight information in both visual and audio formats, as well as tactile ground surface indicators for physical navigation.


Assistance services

While the airport doesn’t offer a porter service, if you want to park at the airport and don’t have a travelling companion you can use the ParkValet concierge service for assistance with moving your luggage.


In the terminal, Brisbane Airport’s customer service team is trained to provide guidance and support to travellers with disabilities and special needs. You can request assistance for tasks such as check-in, security screening and boarding.


Airtrain’s commitment to accessible travel for all

At Airtrain, our goal is to deliver an inclusive experience and to provide services and facilities that are accessible to all of our passengers, including those with specific needs or disabilities.


Our staff are on hand to assist with boarding and coordinates with Queensland Rail to assist in a safe departure at all stations. Airtrain stations at both the Domestical and International Terminals are purposely built to accommodate passengers who require wheelchair access, with lifts as well as platforms that are level to the train floor allowing easy access to all trains.


Airtrain allows one carer to travel free to all Brisbane City and suburban stations when travelling with a Companion Card holder. To be eligible, the Companion Card holder must have a valid ticket to travel.


Cérge Companion now available at Airtrain stations

As part of our commitment to continually improving our services to meet the needs of our passengers, we have partnered with Cérge and introduced Cérge Companion at Airtrain stations at Brisbane Airport Domestic Terminal and International Terminal.


Cérge Companion is a tool for people with disabilities that lets you access information about the venue you plan to go to and help you get the customer service you deserve. Using the Cérge Companion app, Airtrain passengers can input their details, preferences and any “must know” information, as well as end discreet messages to Airtrain service staff if they need to inform them or request anything. At the Airtrain stations, passengers can press the button in the app that announces their arrival and notifies our staff of their preferences.


Learn more about Cérge Companion at Airtrain’s Brisbane Airport Domestic Station and Brisbane Airport International Station.