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Brisbane's Airtrain

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Brisbane Airport

Airtrain is the sole-rail Airport transfer to Brisbane City, Gold Coast and the surrounding areas.

Experience Gold Coast

Airtrain is a preferred transport option between Brisbane Airport and the Gold Coast.

QIMR Berghofer

Airtrain is a proud partner of QIMR Berghofer, helping to find a cure for brain cancer. Read more

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Brisbane Economic Development Agency

Airtrain provides a preferred transport connection between the Brisbane Airport and the heart of Brisbane City.


Airtrain and translink provide a seamless transport experience for customers through ticketing arrangements from Brisbane Airport and across South East Queensland.

Queensland Rail

Airtrain and Queensland Rail provide a seamless service from Brisbane Airport and across the South East Queensland heavy rail network.


Airtrain and G:link provide a seamless transfer from Brisbane Airport to the Gold Coast with the Airtrain and tram service.

Sydney Airport Link

Airtrain and Sydney Airport Link are closely aligned to provide customers an easy Airport Rail experience.