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Accessibility Information & Accepted Companions

Airtrain is committed to travel for all passengers.


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Airtrain is committed to travel for all passengers

Airtrain is committed to travel for all passengers. Airtrain ensures staff are on hand to assist with boarding and coordinates with Queensland Rail to assist in a safe departure at all stations. Airtrain’s Airport stations were purposely built to accommodate passengers needing wheelchair access, the platform is level to the train floor allowing easy access to all trains. In addition, both the Domestic and International Airport stations have lifts provided.

For travel to the Airport, all Queensland Rail stations have an assisted boarding point on the platform. This point is indicated by a blue and white symbol for accessibility and is located near the middle section of the platform. For more information please visit Queensland Rail.

Airtrain allows one carer to travel free to all Brisbane City and Suburban stations when travelling with a Companion Card holder. However, the Companion Card holder requires a valid ticket to travel.