Brisbane Airtrain - Catch Airtrain To Brisbane Suburbs and Sunshine Coast
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Brisbane's Airtrain

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Avoid the traffic and stress

Brisbane Airport to the Suburbs and the Sunshine Coast

Airtrain is your fast and reliable airport transfer option. Fully integrated into the translink network, catching Airtrain means you can easily access other Brisbane trains to or from the suburbs.

Trains depart every 15 minutes during peak times (and 30 minutes during off-peak).

Visiting family or friends? Get them to meet you at the local train station – it is so much easier than battling the traffic.

You can pre-book online and save with exclusive specials for advance purchasing, over the phone, travel by go card or at the Airtrain Station.

You can pre-book online and get your return journey FREE* as well as save with exclusive specials for advance purchasing. You can purchase tickets at the Airtrain station or travel by go card.

*T&Cs apply

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