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Trains depart every 15 minutes in peak times.


Brisbane's Airtrain

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Why Airtrain Works Better

Airtrain’s research tells us that travellers use Airtrain as they prefer the certainty of knowing exactly the train times, journey time and cost compared with gambling with Brisbane’s notorious traffic.

According to statistics from RACQ, the average speed in the mornings in Brisbane can drop to 14.8km/h. The RACQ have stated that congestion is costing Brisbane drivers up to $1,875 a year just to sit in peak-hour traffic as it returns to pre-covid levels.

The roads between Brisbane Airport and the Gold Coast are notorious for excessive traffic congestion with the journey times taking up to three hours after incidents. There’s a reason that Airtrain routinely receives TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence awards.

Convenient and easy

This is a very convenient, easy and reasonably priced way to go from the Brisbane Airport to the Gold Coast. Once I had picked up my luggage it only took a few minutes to get to the train station. The train came very quickly and I was on my way to the Gold Coast. I have used the Airtrain a few times now and my experience has always been a good one.

Jenny L (TripAdvisor)

“Whether you’ve got a 30 minute flight to get to a meeting, or a 20 hour journey to Europe, accessing the airport is probably one of the main anxieties on a trip. Road access is filled with uncertainty in both cost & time, meaning travellers have to build in considerable padding into a journey. By contrast, the airport train has predictable access, route, cost, journey time & service offer making even foreign travellers feel comfortable and assured. This is enhances the reputation of the airport but also the host city that is seen as more organised & well managed.”

Liam Henderson, Transporting Cities