Travelling to a concert at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre?

If you’ve got yourself tickets to the next big concert, but you’re wondering “how do I get from Brisbane Airport to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre?” then this article is for you.

Located in Boondall, the Brisbane Entertainment Centre is Queensland’s premier event venue. Every year, the Brisbane Entertainment Centre hosts international music acts, world-class sporting performances, extravaganzas and myriad other popular events.

With 60,000 square metres of floor space and a capacity of 13,500 visitors, the experience of an event at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre is like nothing else. 

If you have tickets to an upcoming concert at Queensland’s leading entertainment venue, you’ll want to make time to settle in before the show kicks off. With over 15 fine food and delectable drink outlets in the precinct, it’s easy to get the party started early.

Travel with Airtrain to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre and arrive on time, in style and amongst the contagious energy of other concertgoers.

Travelling from Brisbane Airport to Boondall

Airtrain makes it easy to organise your travel to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

  1. Use the new and improved Airtrain Journey Planner to plot, book and receive your e-tickets for your journey.
  2. On the day of your journey, simply scan your ticket at the Airtrain station and hop on train to Eagle Junction.
  3. At Eagle Junction, disembark from the train and change to the Shorncliffe line.
  4. When you reach Boondall station, disembark. This is your stop.
  5. The Brisbane Entertainment Centre is just over 5 minutes’ walk from Boondall station.

A visual depiction of this simple route can be seen on Airtrain’s Network Map.

Perks of travelling to the Entertainment Centre with Airtrain

  1. Book your journey online with Airtrain and receive exclusive discounts.
  2. Travel by rail and avoid long delays from road traffic congestion.
  3. Get into the zone by streaming your favourite artist’s music on the way to the performance with free wi-fi.
  4. Look sharp for your arrival with plenty of space to sit or stand during your travel (goodbye wrinkled outfits!).
  5. Ditch the bumper-to-bumper traffic for stunning Brisbane views made possible by Airtrain’s elevated railway line.

There’s plenty of fantastic events coming up at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre this November. Check out the Event Calendar and start planning your next concert with Airtrain.