Airtrain’s school holiday travel hacks

School holidays can be challenging. At times, it can make you realise just how patient your children’s teachers truly are. It’s also an opportunity to get the quality time with your kids that can be hard to find during the term.

The difference between surviving the holidays and enjoying them lies in striking the right balance between activities and down time, keeping the little ones stimulated and exercising some world class people management skills.

Here are Airtrain’s tips on how to make the school holidays an enjoyable time for everyone, including you.

Make use of Airtrain’s free travel for kids

Children aged 14 and under ride for free when travelling with an adult between Airtrain’s Brisbane Airport stations and Brisbane city stations. Free travel for your kids means you can put the money towards more important things, like an ice cream date in the South Bank Parklands, or a day out at Queensland Museum’s SparkLab.

Book online and save yourself time and money

We’ve all been victim of the last-minute train station scramble before. You’re holding the pram with one hand, and the hand of a crying child in another. You have 2 minutes before your train arrives and your wallet has been swallowed by the abyss of your over-stuffed handbag.

There’s another way.

Buy your Airtrain tickets online and save yourself from the stress.  
Our e-tickets make traveling with Airtrain a cinch. They can be scanned straight from your smartphone, keeping them safe from the reach of mischievous hands.
We also offer discounts when you book online, saving you time and money.  

Make use of Airtrain’s free wi-fi

Airtrain uses Queensland Rail’s Next Generation fleet of trains. Fully equipped with wi-fi, the trains are a perfectly comfortable space for your little ones to plug into some cartoons or relax after an early start to the day. Wi-fi is also available at Airtrain stations. 

Restrooms on trains and at Airtrain stations

If you’ve ever been prepared to board a train and quadruple checked that your children are 100% sure that they don’t need to go, only to have them complain 5 minutes into the journey that they need the restroom right now, you are not alone.

All trains from Brisbane Airport to the Gold Coast have wheelchair accessible restrooms, meaning there’s plenty of space for your pram or stroller too.

Use Airtrain Connect Family Saver to travel to the door of your Gold Coast accommodation

Our Airtrain Connect Family Saver service makes getting to the Gold Coast simple. The express train service will take your family safely to the Gold Coast, where a chauffeured vehicle will collect you for drop-off at your accommodation.
A streamlined start or end to your Gold Coast holiday, this service also caters to all luggage requirements at no extra cost and child seats are available upon request.

With a little bit of planning, some clever cost-saving tricks and the right amount of activities to keep the little ones busy, we are sure you and your kids will have a school holidays to remember.

Don’t forget that Airtrain’s staff are here to help. If you require any assistance at the Airtrain Platforms, just ask our friendly team.