5 simple steps to planning with Airtrain

Whether you’re heading off on an overseas adventure, or traveling interstate to support your favourite rugby team, being organised ahead of your trip won’t only save you from a frantic last-minute scramble, it’ll also save you money.

Airtrain offer a variety of offers and discounts when you book online. Airtrain offers cost-saving solutions for early bird travellers, families, large groups, and more. When you book online with Airtrain, you’re setting yourself up with a stress-free and budget-friendly start to your travels. 

Here’s 5 easy steps to help you plan with Airtrain

1. Figure out your check-in time

Brisbane Airport recommends arriving at the airport:
1 hour prior to your domestic flight and
3 hours prior to your international flight 
We also recommend contacting your airline for their advice on ideal check-in times.

2. Use the Airtrain journey planner to plot your journey and make note of important times

Our journey planner has been designed to keep things simple.
Fill in the journey planner fields with the appropriate information and make note of the key times, stations and distances between points.

3. Book your Airtrain ticket online

After making note of your journey details, follow the prompts to book your e-ticket online. Airtrain’s clever online booking system will automatically apply any eligible discounts.
After you’ve successfully purchased your e-ticket, simply print it out or download it to your smartphone using the link in the confirmation email.

4. Check out the timetable and take note of the stops between stations

Check out Airtrain’s timetable to understand how many stops are between the station you’re hopping on at and the airport station.
The trains are fitted with LED screens onboard to help you navigate your journey, but familiarising yourself with the trip beforehand will help you feel organised and ready to go when your day of travel arrives.

5. Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey

With your e-ticket organised, your bag packed, and your trip planned, all that’s left to do is relish the excitement of heading off on your trip from the comfort of your air-conditioned and spacious train carriage.

Do the words ‘travel light’ sound foreign to you? That’s no problem. Airtrain don’t charge for any oversized luggage. Whether you’re taking off for a surfing holiday or are heading to the golfing green for the weekend, Airtrain has plenty of space for all your gear.

With free wi-fi, wheelchair accessibility and plenty of friendly Airtrain staff at the airport stations, you can rest easy knowing that your journey to the airport is going to be as smooth as they come.

With every train arriving on time, 99% of the time, you know that when you catch the train, you’ll make the plane.