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International bucket list destinations for 2024

International bucket list destinations for 2024

With the new year comes new destinations to discover. 2024 is set to bring an unprecedented variety of unique and exotic destinations with a focus on more experiential and more sustainable travel. Whether you’re craving a cosmopolitan city adventure, a relaxing ocean-side holiday or wanting to get into nature, there is a myriad of destinations that await. Read on to find out about the bucket list destinations for international travel in 2024.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a destination has been creeping its way to the top of people’s international bucket lists over recent years, and there’s a good reason why. Regarded as the jewel of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka delivers a seamless blend of rich history, diverse landscapes and warm hospitality. It’s a true topical paradise, with pristine beaches and misty mountains set against ancient ruins and lush tea plantations. Sri Lanka is home to several UNSECO World Heritage sites, including the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, the sacred city of Kandy and the rock fortress of Sigiriya. As well as its breathtaking landscapes and cultural wonders, Sri Lanka has an incredible culinary scene that plays on its iconic rice, curries and the world-famous Ceylon tea. To top it all off, the warmth and hospitality of Sri Lankans is well regarded as contributing to the country’s lasting appeal.

South Korea

For an international travel destination that offers ancient traditions and cutting-edge technology, look no further than South Korea. In the capital city of Seoul, you can visit Buddhist temples and traditional markets then find yourself surrounded by futuristic skyscrapers and state-of-the-art infrastructure. If South Korea is on your list for international travel for 2024, be sure to time your holiday around one of the many lively festivals and events that take place, like the cherry blossom festivals in spring or the colourful lantern festivals in winter.


If you’re a natural wonder buff, then Norway is an unmissable destination for international travel. Thanks to heightened solar and glacial activity, 2024 offers a unique opportunity to witness the wonders of this Scandinavian gem. The gorgeous sky phenomena that is the Northern Lights is predicted to be at a more intense level in 2024 as a result of peaking solar forces. The famous Norway fjords (narrow inlets of the ocean between cliffs) are also set to be at their best, making for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see their natural beauty by boat or by foot. Beyond the natural wonders, Norway has a rich cultural heritage with historic cities and towns, vibrant history and traditions, and world-class museum. There is also a strong focus on sustainable tourism with an array of eco-friendly accommodation and activities on offer.


Nestled on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is a treasure trove of rich history, idyllic scenery and vibrant culture. With its ancient castles, cobblestone villages and ancient traditions that are still very much alive, a holiday in Portugal feels like travelling back in time. It’s evident that this European country hasn’t been overly tailored to the tourist which only adds to its authenticity and rustic charm. The overarching theme of the cities and beaches of Portugal is relaxation. You can comfortably take in the centuries-old history and immerse yourself in the lively culture, while indulging in the local cuisine at local village markets and sipping wine at family-owned vineyards.


Morocco, the heart of North Africa, is an exotic and lively bucket listen destination for worldly travellers. Morocco is well known for diverse cultural heritage that delivers old-world charm alongside modern-day luxury. There aren’t many countries that offer such a unique range of attractions and activities, from snake charmers and street performers in Marrakech, to camel trekking in the Sahara, to hiking in the Atlas Mountains. Along with the opportunities for adventure, the Moroccan cuisine is exciting and varied with food that is full of flavour, colour and fresh spices.


When it comes to bucket list destinations, Argentina is a real crowd pleaser. For outdoor enthusiasts, there are incredible natural parks, mountainous valleys and jaw-dropping glaciers. If you love culture and tradition, you’re sure to be impressed by the colourful historic neighbourhoods, street art, and tango music and dance. Foodies will find themselves in heaven with world-famous local delicacies including Argentine steak and Malbec wine. Regardless of how you might like to explore Argentina, you can’t miss the waterfalls of Iguazu River, considered by many as the eighth Wonder of the World.

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