Smart ticketing with Airtrain

Smart Ticketing is now available on Airtrain, making your journey to and from the Brisbane Airport easier than ever before! You can now use the world-class Smart Ticketing system for your Airtrain travel, making the most of the convenience – with so many new ways to pay.

Simplify your journey and pay your fare the easy way. Here’s how to use the new smart ticketing system when you travel with Airtrain.

How Can I Pay?

Translink’s Smart Ticketing system offers more ways to pay. Tickets for travel are available for purchase online, as a paper ticket at the station, and by using your go card. With the launch of the Smart Ticketing system, now you can also choose to pay for your travel using a contactless card or device. Use your Visa, Mastercard or American Express contactless debit or credit card at the platform. You can also use a smartphone, smart watch, or smart device to pay the same fare as you would if you used your adult go card.

Where is the Smart Ticketing System installed?

The Translink Smart Ticketing system is being installed on all public transport around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. It’s now available on the major train lines that connect Brisbane City with the surrounding suburbs, and on the Gold Coast G:link tram. And of course, you can now journey to and from the Brisbane Airport with more convenience than ever with the Smart Ticketing system and Airtrain.

You can identify the new ticketing validators by the bright pink colour and sleek modern design. The colour was inspired by Queensland’s Cooktown Orchid, with the artwork “The Connecting Thread” designed by local Gilimbaa artist, Elisa Jane Carmichael (Quandamooka). It represents the pathways taken for thousands of years that still connect us today. Find out more about the Smart Ticketing rollout here.

How Do I Use the System?

You can pay for your Airtrain travel at any train station in South East Queensland, or at a G:link tram station. When you see the bright pink ticketing machines or distinctive gates, you’ll know you’re ready to go. Please note that for now, only adult tickets are available for purchase on Smart Ticketing machines with contactless devices.

It’s easy. Choose your payment method – either a card or smart device. Tap your payment method on the screen, using one per customer. You will see one of three responses on the screen:

  • A large white tick, green lights, and a positive sound means your tap was accepted.
  • A large white cross with red lights and a negative sound means your tap was declined.
  • A large white tick with orange lights and an alert tone means your tap was accepted, but there’s something regarding your account that requires attention. You should contact Translink on 13 12 30, or if you tapped with a go card check your go card account online.

Once your payment method has been accepted with a green tick, it’s time to travel! Hop on your train or tram and head to your destination. When you arrive, disembark and find the nearest Smart Ticketing machine. It’s time to tap again using the same method of payment you used to start your journey. The price of the journey will be automatically deducted from your account.

It’s never been more convenient to pay for your travel. Using one card or device per person – tap on, travel, then tap off.

Things to Consider

Paying for your travel has never been more convenient, and if you don’t have a ticket already the increased flexibility makes travelling even easier. However, if you do have some time up your sleeve, check out Airtrain’s online deals that can save you even more on your travel to and from the Brisbane Airport. If you require a concession fare, have a look at our fare calculator for your best option. At this stage, Smart Ticketing with contactless devices is only available to purchase a full adult fare.

Travelling around Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Airtrain will get you quickly and comfortably from the Brisbane Airport to Brisbane City in 20 minutes. You can disembark at your chosen Brisbane City station, or continue on to Brisbane suburbs and the Gold Coast. While travelling within Brisbane and the Gold Coast, you can utilise the extensive bus networks, the G:link trams that travel the Gold Coast (connect from the Helensvale Train Station), and the CityCat ferries that cross the Brisbane River.  

Short term visitors should check out the goseeQ card, which allows you unlimited travel for 3 or 5 consecutive days on buses, trains, ferries, and trams. It also includes 2 Airtrain journeys to/from the Brisbane Airport. If you plan to use public transport where Smart Ticketing may not yet be available, travel like the locals with a go card – just touch on at your station of departure and touch off when you arrive at your destination.  

Learning more about Smart Ticketing

There are plenty of ways you can get more information or assistance with the new Smart Ticketing system. Translink have street teams at select stations to help you use new equipment, or you can chat to the friendly staff at the platform.

Translink is available to take calls on 13 12 30 if you have a question or feedback, and follow Translink’s Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on all things Smart Ticketing. There is also a great FAQ section that can help you learn more about the system and the rollout.

Brisbane’s Smart Ticketing with Airtrain

Airtrain is committed to helping you travel to and from the Brisbane Airport with the maximum convenience. Our trains are reliable, comfortable, and make it easy to journey to Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Now with Smart Ticketing, it’s easier than ever to pay for your last-minute adult Airtrain fare. To cover your fare the easy way, you can simply tap on, travel, and tap off to pay for your trip.

Simplify your travel to and from the Brisbane Airport, and start your journey the convenient way with the new Smart Ticketing system and Airtrain.