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Top Travel Tips for a Weekend Away

Top Travel Tips for a Weekend Away

With borders opening and a return to business as usual, it’s great to see people from far and wide taking the opportunity to get back to travel. For most of us, it’s been a while since the last venture away – so at Airtrain, we’re here to remind you of those little essentials you should consider before you head out.

Here are our top travel tips for a weekend away.

Make a List

A trip away often takes a bit of pre-planning, and the best ideas come at the strangest of times. Keep a running list of all the little extras and jobs that need doing before you head out that you can add to whenever you think of them. If you’re like most people and have a smartphone always to hand, that’s a great place to jot down your ideas – otherwise keeping a notepad handy ensures you won’t forget those tasks and items that you thought of just before going to bed and might otherwise forget. Check out some lists of top travel tips for a weekend away in case you haven’t thought of something. Don’t forget to cross them off as you go!

Consider the Essentials

Your phone is unlikely to be forgotten, but have you remembered that charger cable? How about a spare USB battery charger to charge on the go? It’s worth taking a minute to think of all the things you use on a daily basis, and all those little items that make life easier while you’re away. The same applies to clothing. While you don’t want to overdo it and haul around unnecessary items, if the night turns chilly you’ll be glad of that jumper.

Take Pictures

If you run into trouble, having easy access to copies of your documents can make things a lot smoother. Photocopy your passport, drivers licence, travel insurance – anything you might conceivably need. You should also take pictures of your valuables, clothing, and the items you’re bringing to help you in case things get lost or stolen. Instead of carrying paper copies, why not email them to yourself? That way you have access at any computer around the world.

Keep in Good Health

If you have a headache while you’re away you can’t just head to the cupboard for some basic pain relief, so keep it with you as you go. Along with any regular medications that you take, some simple basic first aid supplies can make your life a lot easier. Pack some pain relief medication, Band-Aids, sunblock, eye drops, cold and flu medication – anything you regularly use to keep yourself comfortable.  That being said, some medications have restrictions in certain areas. It’s best to check if there might be any additional measures needed before you arrive at your destination, such as a doctor’s letter. Head to the pharmacy for a label with your name and dosage on it to avoid issues later on.

Flight Restrictions

When travelling by plane, you won’t be allowed to take those big bottles of liquids with you. Plan ahead by decanting your shampoos and other liquid items into smaller travel-sized containers. You might think your half-filled 200ml bottle will count as being under the 100ml, but unfortunately, you’d be wrong. To stay hydrated once you go through the airline check-in, take an empty clear water bottle and refill it when you’re waiting by your gate. There are a number of other goods that are restricted or banned – double check with your airline before you leave the house.

Protect Yourself

Even if you’re travelling interstate, travel insurance gives you an added level of security that gives you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your trip. Accidents happen, so knowing that you can rely on your insurance to cover any unexpected issues while you’re away is the safest option. Make sure you read the fine print and understand what’s included before you head off.

Get There on Time with Airtrain

Our specialty is getting people to where they need to go, on time and in comfort. Airtrain have regular services to and from Brisbane Airport that bypass traffic and all those unexpected incidents that can have you rushing to make the plane. Before you head our, don’t forget those top travel tips for a weekend away. Whether you’re starting your journey or arriving home, we work hard to ensure your travel with us is safe, convenient, and flexible.