Curiocity Brisbane 2022

Curiocity 2022 in Brisbane

Awe, excitement, and education – Curiocity 2022 in Brisbane has it all! The World Science Festival is coming to Brisbane, and the whole family will be amazed. Wander the incredible installations and join in on the celebration of science, art, and innovation.

Here’s some of the must-see exhibits coming to Brisbane this year.


From Friday June 24th until Sunday, July 10, you’ll find all 17 days full of wonder. There are more than 20 artwork installations to find! They’re dotted around a 5km walking track that stretches from South Bank to the heart of the Brisbane CBD. Wander them yourself with the help of the clickable map, or join a tour for friendly guides with expert knowledge.

There are also physical spaces dedicated to interactive displays of art, technology, and innovation. Check out Curiocreatures – an imagined future where Brisbane animals have evolved and adapted in strange and wonderful ways. Take time out at Acknowledging Place, which encourages you to consider an Indigenous perspective of taking care of Country.

Immerse yourself in the incredible 3D photos complementing South Bank structures with the MIRAGE PROJECT [iceberg]. View a biome terrarium with Ecoststeams, with all the parts working together to form a whole system. There is so much to see, and you’ll find the full line-up of incredible installations here.

Interactive Displays

In addition to the installed displays, workshops and storytelling circles will be featured around the area. Visit the Yarning Circle, led by Wadawurrung artist Carol McGregor. You can participate in a string making activity and learn about the Cotton Tree, the use of its leaves for food & medicine, and the bark for weaving, string making and nets. It’s free, but there are limited spaces so be sure to get in quickly.

For the kids, there’s the South Bank Kids Collective. It’s held every Thursday morning, but during Curiocity it will feature a special program reflecting the festival’s focus. There are many more displays for you to visit, learn, and interact. Visit the Events page for more information.

Tours of Curiocity and Brisbane

Get an insider’s perspective from the curator themselves, Jay Younger. You’ll be taken between artworks and get the chance to engage with the creative process and meaning behind the chosen pieces.  It’s free, but you’ll need to register.

For a tour from the fantastic Brisbane Greeters, get involved and get walking! They’ll introduce you to their favourite spots and give you insight into the artworks and area with friendly and insightful tours that are suitable for all ages. There’s no cost involved, but you will have to obtain a registration to secure your spot. There are more tours, including the fantastic City Symphonies tour, which can be found here.

Excitement Online

If you can’t make it to the events, let them come to you! As a festival celebrating technology and science, it’s only natural that Curiocity features a rich digital offering that is accessible for all. Check out the pre-recorded digital conversations. Spark your interest and learn about cool jobs in science, tech, engineering, and more. Or combine outside with online, and listen to the pre-recorded guided audio tours around Brisbane, developed with local indigenous leaders and community members. You can find all this and more as part of the amazing online offerings here.

Where to Go for Curiocity 2022 in Brisbane

Curiocity Brisbane artworks will be spread across South Bank, South Brisbane’s Cultural Precinct, and the CBD along a free 5km walking trail. The area is well worth the walk at any time, but the addition of the artwork and workshops makes it even more unmissable. Curiosity have developed an online, clickable map so you can wander the area like an expert. To hear from real experts, join one of the tours that will help the city and the Curiocity installations come alive.

Getting Around

Airtrain will get you quickly and comfortably from the airport to Brisbane City in 20 minutes. You can disembark at your chosen city station – Airtrain runs express from theBrisbane airport, but stops at Central, Roma Street, and South Brisbane stations – all good options for starting your tour of Curiocity 2022 in Brisbane.  

Brisbane is a beautiful city for walking, and many fantastic destinations and the amazing Curiocity installations are within an easy stroll along attractive walkways. To get to your destination faster or to see more of the sights, Brisbane is connected by an extensive bus network and the river is crisscrossed by the CityCat ferries.  

All Brisbane public transport uses a smart card for travel, or you can purchase a paper ticket. Short term visitors should check out the goseeQ card, which allows you unlimited travel for 3 or 5 consecutive days on buses, trains, ferries, and trams. It also includes 2 Airtrain journeys to/from the Brisbane Airport. For longer stays, travel like the locals with a go card – just touch on at your station of departure and touch off when you arrive at your destination.  

Curiocity 2022 in Brisbane

Art, tech, science, and innovation – Brisbane never fails to delight, and this World Science Festival in Brisbane is absolutely no exception. Whether you’re wandering the streets on a self-guided tour, connecting with the experts, or even watching from home, you’re sure to be challenged and inspired.

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