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The Brisbane Airport is Bustling Again

The Brisbane Airport is Bustling Again

The Brisbane Airport is back! Things slowed down for a while there, but we’re all back up and running at full speed. The new and improved Brisbane Airport is waiting to greet and farewell travellers as they pass through on their adventures.

Take some time to shop, dine, wander, or relax with the many exciting retail and dining options. The Brisbane Airport isn’t just a step between you and the skies – it’s a destination in itself!

Here are some of the key sites and locations to check out on your way through the Brisbane Domestic and International Airport terminals.

Refreshments to Keep You Going

No matter how long between journeys, there’s no need to go hungry at the Brisbane Airport. With new retailers and old favourites to choose from in the line-up of almost 40 distinct options, you’ll find something to eat and drink that will keep you going.

Each airport features a selection that ranges from boutique cafes like the Aviation Pier Café and Bar at the Domestic terminal, to major brands like Coffee Club, Burger Urge, and Boost Juice. There is a unique selection of dining choices at the international and domestic airport terminals, and you can check in with the website to  plan your next meal.

Retail Therapy

The flow of passengers slowed down, and the Brisbane Airport took the opportunity to improve and add to their selection of incredible shopping options. Get a new wardrobe, update your makeup, invest in beauty products, or get your tourist souvenirs to remember your trip. Don’t forget to shop duty free and take advantage of the savings!

Hitting the Duty Free shops is an unmissable stop on most people’s travel itinerary, but be aware there are limitations on what you can buy. You can check out the allowances and restrictions here.

Brisbane Airport Artwork Seek and Find

The décor of both the domestic and international Brisbane airport terminals is beautifully crafted to reflect a vibe that is uniquely Queensland. Striking architectural design and artisan furniture crafted from local tuff stone and spotted gum timber is dotted around the terminals, allowing weary travellers to rest their legs and admire their surrounds.

But it’s not only the architecture that’s striking – the Brisbane airport terminals have their very own art trails! Immerse yourself in beauty and culture as you follow the trail and see the impressive installations. Check out more on the Brisbane Airport Website.

Transferring Between Terminals

There’s only one Brisbane Airport, but there are two terminals – the Domestic and International. On your boarding pass, you might see them listed as Terminal D or T2 for Domestic, and Terminal 1 or T1 for the International.

There is a 4 kilometre distance between the two terminals but Airtrain has you covered with a terminal transfer service – for just $5 you can board one of our quick, efficient trains with plenty of room for you and your luggage. Trains run every 15 minutes during peak times, and 30 minutes during off-peak periods.. Remember to leave plenty of time for your transfer and plan well ahead.

Visiting Queensland

Airtrain will get you quickly and comfortably from the Brisbane Airport to Brisbane City in 20 minutes. You can disembark at your chosen city station – Airtrain runs direct from the Brisbane Airport, stopping at Fortitude Valley, Central, Roma Street, and South Brisbane stations. While you’re there, why not check out Airtrain’s recommendations for some exciting ways to spend your time.

If you’re heading to the Gold Coast, the Airtrain leaves the Brisbane Airport every 15 minutes in peak times, and can take you all the way to Helensvale in comfort and on time. From there, heading to the Gold Coast is a simple change onto the G:link tram, which arrives every 7.5 minutes in peak times. You’ll only need the one ticket to get all the way from the airport to your Gold Coast destination, and then enjoy your time with some of our suggestions for unmissable sights and scenery.

Brisbane is a great city for walking, and is connected by an extensive bus and train network with the river crisscrossed by the CityCat ferries. All Brisbane public transport uses a smart card for travel, or you can purchase a paper ticket. You can check out TransLink’s Journey Planner to find the best way to travel to your chosen destination.

While you’re in Brisbane, short term visitors should check out the go seeQ card, which allows you unlimited travel for 3 or 5 consecutive days on buses, trains, ferries, and trams. It also includes 2 Airtrain journeys to/from the Brisbane Airport. For longer stays, travel like the locals with a go card – just touch on at your station of departure and touch off when you arrive at your destination.

The New-Look Brisbane Airport

For many of us, it’s been a while since we’ve had the excitement and sense of adventure that comes with passing through on our way to the skies. As we return to travels, the Brisbane Airport is updated and ready to welcome travellers on their way. Airtrain is happy to provide the link between the Brisbane Airport and your adventures in Queensland. Beat the traffic and travel on time and in comfort, with Airtrain.