Travelling with kids

Travelling with kids from the Brisbane Airport

Travelling with kids from the Brisbane Airport? There’s nothing better than an adventure with the whole family, but it can make things a little more complicated! You can make your travels smoother by thinking ahead and implementing some strategies that ensure you have everything you need to keep the family happy and healthy.

Here are some of Airtrain’s top tips for travelling with kids!

Each to their Own

Every member of your family has their own unique interests and needs. When packing for each person, think about what they might require and what they’re able to handle. For mobile kids, a child-sized suitcase might mean they can wheel it themselves to make your life easier! A back pack and a wheelie suitcase to themselves is perfect for portioning out their own clothes, comfort items, food, and entertainment. Don’t forget individual snacks to keep those little tummies happy – it’s a big time for them and hunger can make even the best trips more difficult.

Bag it Up

When travelling with kids, back packs as carry-on are your friends! Load them with personal items that kids can carry themselves to save you having to haul around multiple bags while also child wrangling. A back pack for you keeps your hands free for other things as well. For luggage, choose something with wheels to help you keep on the move. Plastic bags are also a great item to have on hand – they can be used for laundry, dirty shoes, and as extra space if you need to carry additional items. Clear zip locks can help protect important electronics from rain and sand. Just don’t forget to recycle when you’re home!

Pre-Plan Entertainment

Your trip will be filled with new things to see and do, but in the downtimes (especially during travel) there will likely be lots of time to fill. You might want to download TV episodes or movies, books to a kindle, or games that won’t require internet to play. Don’t forget portable chargers and batteries! For time without screens, think about good old-fashioned options like colouring, board games, word finds, and more. Think outside the box. Ideal entertainment options will be easy to carry, not too bulky, and without lots of parts to get lost.

Keep Comfortable

When you’re at home, there are many things you get used to reaching for that you won’t have when you’re travelling. Band aids, pain medication, thermometers – what do you regularly use to keep your kids comfortable? Then there are items that specifically make travelling easier. Petroleum jelly or paw paw ointment can be used when the air conditioning dries them out. Travelling in the air can be hard on little ears, so don’t forget some sort of sweets for them to suck to ease the pressure. Wipes and hand sanitiser help you keep their space healthy. Empty water bottles let you get through security but then fill up to keep the kids hydrated. Thinking forward about both everyday items and travel-specific tools can save you a lot of trouble later.

Keep Connected

Lots of people mean lots of things that need to charge. Carrying a multi-point adapter allow your family to keep charged – extra bonus points if it’s surge protected so you can help protect your devices. Unless you’re travelling within the country, don’t forget that many countries have different power points, so make sure you have the correct adaptor before you walk out the door.

Look Forward

Instead of carting things with you, can you rent it on the other side? It takes a bit of extra planning, but many hotels have bassinets, and there are plenty of other ways to get the kid-related gear you need. Think about what you can access once you reach your destination, as long as it doesn’t disadvantage you during the travel process.

Safety First

Don’t forget to run through the safety basics with kids who are old enough to understand. They’ll need to have your number memorised, and your details within easy reach. Some parents make simple bead bracelets with their number written on the beads. Others use permanent marker to write their contact details on their child’s hand. Whatever you’re comfortable with, make sure that your kids are kept safe – just in case.

Travelling with Kids – Choose Airtrain

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Travelling with kids from the Brisbane Airport

Travelling with kids can be a little more complicated, but a whole lot of fun! You’ll be used to some extra planning, and travelling is no different. Thinking ahead can save you a whole lot of stress later on. You’ll need all the things that you usually use to keep your family functioning, plus a few added extras that are handy while you’re away. Airtrain is proud to help you stay moving, and get you and your family on their way, on time and in comfort.